Very Rare Dudley Mason Pocket Watch, ca.1925!!!

Very Rare Dudley Mason Pocket Watch, ca.1925!!!

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Rare piece of watchmaking, especially produced for American Freemasonry.It is a piece that measures 4.6 cm in diameter with a 14K gold-plated box. William Wallace Dudley founder of the Dudley Watch Company began making watches at the age of 13 when he entered as an apprentice. watches, such as Waltham, Illinois, South Bend, and the Hamilton Watch Company. Finally, at the age of 69, he founded his own company, and started production of Masonic clocks, since Freemasonry was an important part of his life. He was a member of several stores, the York and Scottish Masonic Rites, the Nobles and the Mystic Shrine as well as the Tall Cedars of Lebanon. Dudley joined George Adams and John Wood, two fellow Masons and local jewelers to create his company. Nowadays its watches are highly collectible and very rare, (in total only 5900 watches were produced). The production was divided in 3 series. The first began with the number 500 and finished in the 1900, a total of 1400 clocks. s The second series started with the 2001 number and finished at 4800, total of 2800. And finally the third series, started with the number 4801 and finished at 6500, with a total of 1700 watches. Of the 5900 clocks initially produced how many will have arrived According to his family, Dudley worked between 15 and 25 years in the study of his watch before applying for the patent of the same one, 29 of June of 1923..

14 gold filled case is in excellent condition.It is signed by the Star Watch Case Company, one of the three box supplier companies for Dudley. The others are Keystone and Wadsworth..

Movement of great quality being all the material used in the construction of the same of highest level. In this extraordinary work of watchmaking,.,Dudley reproduces slippers, spatula, plumb, level, compass, square, letter G and a Bible, all with symbology for Freemasonry. It is working very well, totally cleaned and reviewed by our watchmaker, one year.,warranty

Metal dial, in excellent condition and duly signed Dudley..

Rare piece of collection.

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