Ivory case Pocket Watch, Vasse a Paris, Mason from the Lodge Les Amis Intime.

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Extremely unusual pocket watch, with ivory case, produced between 1780 and 1820.It is a piece measuring 4.2 cm in diameter.Is the first watch with entirely ivory case whe present. The author of this unusual piece was the watchmaker David Vasse, who joined the Masonic lodge Les Amis Intimes in 1781. Master in 1782, he worked in several streets of Paris, particularly on Rue St-Jacques, Rue Montmartre and Rue J.J. Rouseau.

ivory case naturally a fragile material and with over 200 years, is in very good condition, only a repair near the 3 o´clock.

Coq Movement, signed and numbered Vasse a Paris.Working very well, totally clean and revised by our watchmakers, one-year warranty.

Dial in enamel with Roman numerals, also signed Vasse a Paris.In general good condition, just wear and tear in the winding hole, and on the board at 7 and 10 hours.

Single colecting piece.

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