Rare Low Serial Number Zenith Silver and Enamel Mini Desk Watch, ca.1901.

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Mini desk watch, with silver and enamel case.Beautifull piece, only measuring 5,0 cm x 3,0 cm.The case is signed ZENITH on the back and the possible french retailer name and adress, Cam-Lafontaine Hazebroucq, 16 Rue de La Paix, Paris. The Zentih Heritage Department gave some more information about this piece. It´s a very low serial number and because that, there are any information on the archives.By the pictures sended, they say it have a 8 days power mouvement, a translucide enamel decoration with Guilloche tecnique and Limoges painting, done at the time on a Geneva specialized work shop,It appears on old Zenith catalogues as the Rouen Model. .

Case number 2565.The enamel is in perfect conditon.

Fantastic enamel dial, also in perfect condition.

Mouvement is in great condition.Very low serial number 160268.It´s was revised and clean by our watchmakers, one year warranty.



Rare collecting item, very old Zenith in General Perfect Condition.

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