Hamilton 1942, British Military Watch, Rare.

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Hamilton Military with original case and documentation.A British military pocket watch, Hamilton model 3992B - A.M.6B / 60 Airfield, made in the USA, with original 12-hour dial and rare military markings on the back. The back of the box bears the inscription 'NAVIGATION MASTER WATCH', the movement model registration, US 3992B, serial number and year of production 1083-1942 Ministry of Defense wide arrow and most importantly the marking AM6B/60 .This last marking indicates that the clock was used on airfields and possibly on aircraft carriers. The engraving 'NAVIGATION MASTER WATCH' indicates that it was used to set crew clocks to the correct time and probably the clocks on board bombers. . The watches were manufactured around 1942, as export routes from Switzerland to the Allies were hampered by the Western Front of World War II. Thus, British and Canadian naval forces turned to their American allies, who produced compatible with high precision stopwatches. The solid steel case with double screw cap is in excellent condition. High quality machine with 22 rubies, and adjusted to 6 positions. It is duly signed and has been correctly cleaned and lubricated. One year warranty. Dial duly signed Hamilton and serial number 1083. Perfect condition. Beautiful collector's item, still with the original wooden case as well as the certification records issued by the Chronometer Dept in Herstmonceux, on 27th April 1953. Any questions do not hesitate to contact

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