Extraordinary J. Dent London, Cylindrical Hairspring, Rarity, ca.1860!!

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For the first time, we present a rare watch with helical hairspring.It was produced by the renowned English house J. Dent , for the rich Ottoman market. The spiral, ("hair") of the swing, can have basically two forms, the most common, flat, in which the hair is curled in a spiral shape.This hair is wound in the shape of a cylinder. In an attempt to obtain greater accuracy, this type of spiral is widely produced for quality watches to marine use, the clock that determined the time inside each ship. The spiral is the brain of the clock, contracting and expanding 432,000 times a day. Hence its importance. .

Heavy case in 18k gold The savonette case in 18k gold is in excellent condition, duly hallmarked 18k and numbered. The dust cover is also in 18k gold, and has the inscription Chronometre J.Dent London.

High quality helical hairspring movement,powered by key, and also with chain and spindle, demonstrating its antiquity. Working very well, totally clean and revised by our watchmaker, one year warranty.

Beautiful silver and gold dial, with original hands and in excellent condition.

Unique piece of any collection, valued day by day.

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